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"I am easily satisfied with the very best."
- Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, Statesman, 1874-1965 (Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England)


Amerinde is a global alliance of independently licensed attorneys, litigators, advocates, barristers and solicitors, CPAs, CAs, law firms and law enforcement entities or officers together with highly specialized consultants and widely experienced professionals as recommended attorneys, partners and/or members and/or separate and distinct legal entities or organizations. 


Amerinde facilitates and provides Reports with Evidentiary Documentations, Visual Aids and Digital Data, Form Services for various types of Legal-Criminal, Legal-Civil Investigations Worldwide, Coordination with Businesses, Governments, Courts, Attorneys, Investigators, Police, Law Enforcement Agencies, Professional Specialists and Partners in various disciplines, General Information on Legal Issues requiring information and knowledge and/or preceding the engagement of a recommended alliance attorney, partner, entity, member, professional or specialist. 

Pro-bono services are provided to those who cannot afford the cost of services. Pre-qualification maybe necessary to determine and confirm eligibility for Pro bono services. 


Following types of cases and transactions have been successfully conducted by our alliance/group offices internationally:

  • Business Fraud Recovery and Prosecution

  • Global Fugitive Hunting and Arrest

  • Financial Recovery and Collection

  • Consumer Fraud Recovery

  • Business Travel Loss Recovery

  • Malpractice Cases (Medical, Legal, Financial)

  • Anti-Trust Cases of Public Fraud

  • Legal Compliance by Country, State, County, City

  • Fraudulent Real Estate Transactions

  • Clear Property Title Verifications Globally

  • Possession Assurance Documentation

  • Seller-signed Anti-Fraud Guarantees

  • International Disputes

  • Public Interest Litigation


We have successfully and globally represented several companies and individuals in complicated multi-party settlements, negotiations and deals with Government Agencies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Businesses, Semi-Quasi Entities and Private Parties in Criminal and Civil Cases to bring all parties to a Satisfactory Closure, Final Resolution, Reduced Prosecution and/or Penalties.

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