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"Ethics is a code of values which guide our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our life."

- Ayn Rand, Writer, Philosopher & Playwright, 1905-1982 (Russia)

Our Ethics Policy

At Amerinde, our Ethics are beyond Reproach. We have an unfettered commitment to conducting all of our business affairs and activities with the highest standards of ethical conduct.



The purpose of establishing this Ethics Policy is to encourage a culture and environment of trust, openness and integrity in all Amerinde and Related Entities' Management and Fair Business Practices. Every member, intern or volunteer of Amerinde is required for participation, support and uphold this Ethics Policy. 



We are committed to the responsible use of Amerinde offices and assets, to provide accurate, complete and objective information, to respect the privacy and confidentiality of financial and other information, to act in good faith and exercise due care in all we do, to comply with all rules and regulations and to proactively promote ethical behavior and the law of the land.

Our Code of Ethics is built on our core values. 






We believe in and practice honesty in our work, life and business. We are driven by honesty as a well lit guiding path in our all life functions. We are committed to acting in good faith, to comply with the rule of law of the land and our policies and regulations. 




We pursue our mission zealously with fairness, honor and respect for the individual and public at large constantly applying our value system to every action and decision. 




We have a wide horizon because of our respect for and learning of diversity of thought and action. We serve all the communities in a responsible manner. We have concerted our diversity into our strength. 




We are committed to our Customers and their needs. We strive to innovate and offer our best services, products and support to our clients. We continuously are improving ourselves to make progress and stay aware. 




We believe that there is no substitute for hard work and excellence. We aim to provide complete Client satisfaction with consistency




Amerinde members, employees, interns and volunteers must follow our Code of Ethics: 


  • To be honest and ethical in their conduct at all times.

  • Deal fairly with all Clients, Team Members, Consultants, Employees, Vendors, Suppliers, Competitors, Interns and Volunteer.

  • To handle ethically actual or apparent conflicts of interest between personal and professional matters and/or relationships.

  • To comply with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations.



Amerinde has an unwavering commitment to providing a work environment that values diversity. Human Resource policies and activities are designed to respect workplace and all persons in it, thus providing the opportunity to reach the highest potential. 


Team Members, Employees, Interns and Volunteers are provided opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status, age, veteran status, or disability. 


These policies apply to both applicants and employees in all phases of engagement or employment including, recruiting, hiring, placement, training, development, transfer, promotion, demotion, performance reviews, compensation, benefits, and separation from employment.



Our Clients have dynamically changing needs and we pride ourselves in providing excellent Services, Support and Solutions to all our Clients always keeping our Client's Priority as Number One.



The underlying principle of “conflict of interest” is that employees and volunteers should avoid any activity, investment, or interest that might reflect unfavorably on the reputation of Amerinde and Related Entities.

The interest of Amerinde will be placed ahead of any personal interest or personal gain, and to disclose all facts in any situation where a potential conflict of interest may arise. 



Any unreasonable gifts, including cash, equipment, material possession or gain in kind, must be disclosed by Amerinde Team Member, Employee, Intern and Volunteer. 



If you have questions or concerns about compliance with this Ethics Policy, we request you to report your concerns to Reporting of ethics violations will be treated as confidential information and can be communicated anonymously.




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