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"In the matter of conscience, the law of the majority has no place."

- Mahatma Gandhi Esq., Philosopher, Human Rights Advocate, 1869-1948 (Gujarat, India)




Amerinde is a global alliance of independently licensed "creative" attorneys, litigators, advocates, barristers and solicitors, CPAs, CAs and law firms together with highly specialized consultants and widely experienced professionals as recommended attorneys, partners and/or members and/or separate and distinct legal entities. 


Amerinde Consolidated, Inc. is not a law firm and does not purport to be a law firm. Amerinde is not a substitute for an attorney or a law firm and provides the recommendation for the best-suited attorney for the client based on attorney qualifications, experience and skills. 




Amerinde facilitates and provides Reports with Evidentiary Documentations, Visual Aids and Digital Data, Form Services for various types of Legal-Criminal, Legal-Civil and Investigations Worldwide, Coordination with Businesses, Governments, Courts, Attorneys, Investigators, Police, Law Enforcement Agencies, Professional Specialists and Partners in various disciplines, General Information on Legal Issues requiring information and knowledge and/or preceding the engagement of a recommended alliance attorney, partner, entity, member, professional or specialist. 




The material on this Amerinde website has been prepared and published for information purpose only and none other. There is no attempt, effort or intention to solicit or influence new clients or new engagements from existing clients by way of this website; nor should any of the information published on the website be construed as representing any of our attorneys', lawyers' or professionals' willingness or availability to practice in the jurisdiction or areas of practice where they are not authorized to do so.


None of these materials is offered, nor should be construed, as legal advice. Communication of information by or through this website and your receipt or use or continuance of the use of such information is not intended to create and does not create an attorney-client relationship with Amerinde or any of Amerinde's attorneys or lawyers or law firms. The creation of the attorney-client relationship would require direct and personal contact between you and Amerinde through one or more attorney(s) or lawyer(s) and would also require an explicit retainer agreement with the attorney or lawyer that confirms that an attorney-client relationship has been established. You should not act or rely upon information contained in the materials on this website regarding a legal, financial or tax matter without specifically seeking professional legal, financial and tax advice from an attorney or CPA or tax practitioner. 


The information or description anywhere on this website about or of the results of any specific case or transaction does not mean or suggest that similar results can or could be obtained in any other matter. Each legal matter should be considered to be unique and subject to varying results.


This site offers links to other resources on the internet merely as a convenience of our clients, readers, visitors and employees. We do not take any responsibility for the content, accuracy, timeliness or broken link(s) of those other sites; nor do we endorse any commercial products, services or support that may be advertised or available on those sites. Amerinde Partners promoted on our website is an expression of our genuine trust in those Partners and Partner companies by way of our working relationship with them. It provides reference only for information purpose or a factual statement. Should you work with them, you may need to establish a direct or express relationship through an agreement or contract according to their policy. The link on this website may be RSS feeds and may be updated periodically by our Review and Updated Team.


Amerinde as a Policy matter has endeavored to always remain in compliance with all applicable legal and ethical requirements of all the countries of our operation while constant compilation and updating of our website. It is a dynamic portal website connected with our blogs and web collaboration tools. Under no circumstances will Amerinde undertake any engagement that conflicts with any ethical, statutory or other requirements applicable to the performance of professional legal, financial or tax services. Compliance details are provided in our Attorney Advertising Notice for all countries of our office locations. With respect to non-legal service partners, professionals and affiliates of Amerinde, we can facilitate your direct communication with those partners, professionals and affiliates and their respective firms or entities at your request.


If you need to discuss a potential legal or financial matter with Amerinde, please contact the appropriate attorney, lawyer, partner or professional directly with whom you may be regularly working as an Amerinde client.


Although we are pleased to communicate with you, you should not rely upon transmission of an e-mail through this website, using your PC based or laptop or phone e-mail program or application, to create an attorney-client relationship. Without an attorney-client relationship in the particular matter, we cannot assure that your communication via this website, sent by using your PC based or laptop or phone e-mail program or application, will be privileged communication or that we will treat it as privileged communication unless we reach an explicit agreement otherwise. Therefore, please do not send confidential or sensitive information to us through this website using your PC based or laptop or phone e-mail program or application. When you explicitly engage an Amerinde professional and/or attorney, there will be a secure and protected channel of communication created for you on our portal using cloud services upon establishing an attorney-client relationship to safeguard your privacy and ensure a secure transmission and receipt of your confidential and sensitive documents. 




Amerinde materials and photographs used on this website are licensed and protected material by copyright by Amerinde and/or our providers. Amerinde has a legal authority to use them with publishing rights and agreements established in accordance with law. 




Quotations used on the website fall under the classification of "Fair Use" or "Public Domain" or "Fair Dealing" in accordance with the laws, amendments, regulations, circulars and case laws governed by the following authority: 


  • United States Copyright Act, 1976 (as amended 2006), U.S.C. 17, Sections 107 to 118 (or US Code, titles 17107 to 17118)

  • Copyright Act of Canada, 1921 (as amended 1997, current 2008), Sections 29, 29.1 and 29.2

  • United Kingdom Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988 (as amended 2004), Sections 29 and 30

  • Copyright Act of Australia (as amended 2006), Sections 40, 41A and 42

  • Copyright Act (The Republic of China, 1928), (as amended 2006), Replication per 4-factor Fair Use Analysis

  • Copyright Act of India, 1957 (as amended 1999), Sections 52, subsection (1), clauses (a) to (y) and subsection (2).


General Copyright Provisions have been adhered to in the interest of general education and learning of public at large, utilizing positively, the public domain property in fair use or dealing.


If you have any questions regarding this disclaimer, please e-mail us at with details of your issue or claim, including evidence, if necessary and your contact information including your name and telephone number. 

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